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This is how you create a perfect base with the no makeup makeup

The natural look is popular for a reason and it’s here to stay! Below we guide you to the perfect base for a no-makeup look!

Photo: Estée Lauder

Instead of covering the skin too hard in your skin care base, there are several simple ways to invest in a light and natural foundation that looks much more bare-faced. The natural look is the hottest thing right now and is easy to achieve. Below we tell you how to go about it in the best way for a more even and shiny natural look!

How to apply a natural makeup base

Start by covering up blemishes and pigmentation through a strategic application of coceal. Cover only the parts that need to be covered, dark circles under the eyes and any blemishes. Opt for a shade that is as similar to your skin tone as possible. You can possibly choose a slightly lighter concealer under the eyes. Feel free to let the concealer sit for a while before blending it out.

Then apply a tinted moisturizer with light coverage that both evens out your skin tone and at the same time protects with sun protection factor. Pat it in gently.

Finish with a light application of a sun powder to give the face some life and color. Apply only where the sun hits the face, on the forehead, on the nose and on the cheekbones.

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