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Hair care for gray hair – 5 simple tips from the experts

What is the best way to take care of gray and white hair? Here are the experts’ best (and easiest!) tips.

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In recent years, it has become increasingly common for celebrities – and of course non-celebrities too – to embrace their gray hair. If you are one of those who decided to skip the chemicals, we recommend the following tips to help you give your gray hair the care it needs.

1. Less shampoo, more conditioner

Hair stylist Jay Small is one of the founders of Arey, a brand specializing in hair care products for white and gray hair. IN Well and Good he advises to cut back on the shampoo and instead use more conditioner:

“Shampoo is good for cleaning the scalp, but some shampoos can be too harsh on the ends and can make hair look dry, rough or dull. I advise my clients with gray hair to shampoo their hair less often, and use conditioner daily to help preserve the hair’s natural moisture.”

2. Invest in a filter for your shower head

Heavy metals, minerals and chlorine found in hard water can cause color fading and damage to hair. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a filter for the shower that filters out hard water.

3. Rinse hair with cold water

Excessively hot water can strip the natural oils and grease that normally keep hair moisturized. Try rinsing your hair in cold water instead to preserve its moisture.

4. Adds moisture

Speaking of moisture, protect hair and scalp by investing in hair care products (eg shampoo) with moisturizing properties. Two ingredients to look out for are shea butter and jojoba.

5. Find a good hair mask

A hair mask can do wonders for your hair! Use a hair mask once a week to provide the hair with extra moisture and treat any damage to the hair.

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