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Camilla Läckberg’s transformation – embracing her gray hair

More and more celebrities are embracing their natural gray hair. Now Camilla Läckberg has also taken the step – see her transformation here!

Photo: Instagram @bangsbymarre/@lackberg

Recently, writer Camilla Läckberg told her followers on Instagram that she has decided to gradually transition to her natural hair color. In a post, she shows off her new, almost finished look:

“First session. First step towards letting my gray take over (under controlled conditions). Old color removed so my own gray came out underneath, strands bleached to mix together nuancedly with my gray. One sitting to go before the finished result, but I already love it.”

In the post, Läckberg also thanks celebrity hairdresser Marre Hitti, who is behind the transformation.

This is how you manage the transition to gray hair

Like Läckberg, managing the transition to gray hair with the help of loops is one of the options that dark-haired people can consider when they want to embrace their natural hair color. Others choose to either cut their hair short or put their hair up while the gray grows out.

Even you who have blond hair can ask your hairdresser for strands that soften the border between growth and lengths. Alternatively, you can try a toning that is washed out by hand, or let silver shampoo cool down golden highlights.

For redheads, the transition to gray hair can be a little trickier. If you don’t want to cut your hair short, you can discuss with your hairdresser how to tone down the red color – something we recommend leaving to a professional. Of course, you can also put your hair up in a knot or braid while the gray hair grows out.

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