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Big guide: How to protect gray hair against sun damage this summer

During the summer, it is especially important to protect gray and white hair against the sun’s rays. Here’s our complete guide to how to protect your hair from sun damage – and get healthier and more beautiful hair in the process!

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Gray and white hair is particularly sensitive to the sun, which can result in dry and discolored hair. Therefore, it is especially important to protect your gray hair during the summer months.

To preserve the health of your gray hair as much as possible, we recommend not only protecting your hair during the summer, but also strengthening your hair for the warmer months of the year. Here’s our guide to how to protect your gray or white hair both before and during the summer – and how to take care of already damaged hair.

Therefore, gray hair is sensitive to the sun

White and gray hair contains little (or no) melanin and therefore lacks the pigment that protects it from the sun. With age, the scalp’s production of sebum – the hair’s own lubricant – also decreases, which makes the hair drier.

Due to a chemical reaction that occurs when gray hair is exposed to sunlight, it can also become discolored and take on a yellowish tone if exposed to too much sun.

This is how you strengthen gray hair for the summer

Hydrated hair is both stronger and more resilient, so take care of your gray or white hair with regular wraps that moisturize your hair. Invest in a deeply moisturizing conditioner and strengthen your hair further with hair oil.

How to protect gray hair during the summer

The best way to protect gray hair from the sun is to use a hat or scarf. Products that protect against the sun’s UV rays are also recommended – today there is everything from protective shampoos, conditioners, sprays and leave-in products.

It is best to combine these two, especially when bathing and for people with long hair.

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Therefore, it is important to protect the scalp during the summer

Something that many may not know is the importance of protecting the scalp during the summer. People with white or gray hair have less pigment in the scalp, which increases the risk of sun damage.

According to skincancer.org, melanoma of the scalp causes some of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. This is mainly because many people do not protect their scalp from UV rays and the damage is hidden under the hair, which means that they are often not detected in time.

Note that a product that protects against UV rays is not enough to protect the scalp from sun damage – sun protection factor is also needed (we recommend a spray with sun protection factor). If you don’t apply sunscreen to your scalp, wear a hat to protect your skin.

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How to care for damaged gray hair

For hair that is already damaged, we recommend avoiding further sun damage as much as possible. Protect your hair from the sun and avoid styling with high heat. Moisturizing your hair is always a good idea, and if your hair has taken on a yellow tone, you can use silver shampoos, conditioners and wraps to give your hair a cooler tone.

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