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5 fun board games for the New Year’s party

A fun dinner game is a popular activity at the New Year’s party. Here you will find the best games for the celebration!

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Looking for a fun board game for New Year’s Eve? We list five games that raise the mood at the party – perfect for getting the conversation going around the dinner table!


This game actually begins as soon as the guests set foot inside the door. Each guest is given a small task to complete during the evening, which can consist of anything from constantly praising the hosts, starting sentences with “when I was little…” or talking crap about the government. At the dinner table, the guests then have to guess what the assignments consisted of.

Mad forehead

This is a classic game that only requires some post-it notes and pens. Each guest receives a piece of paper on which they write the name of a famous person. They attach the note to another participant’s forehead.

After that, all participants take turns trying to figure out who they “are” using yes and no questions. The game ends when someone figures out who they are, or you play until everyone has figured out who they are.

Guess the intro

This is a game that requires some preparation. Create a playlist consisting of songs that most people know, play only the intro to the songs and let the guests guess the song and artist. The answer can be given in different ways – either you call out your name to be allowed to answer, or everyone writes down their guess on a piece of paper.

Child or drunk?

This is a fun game for the adults-only party. Give the guests some time to come up with a funny, embarrassing or unexpected event from their life that either happened when they were a child or when they were drunk.

The participants then take turns telling their stories, after which the other guests can guess whether the incident happened when the person was a child or drunk. Everyone who guesses correctly gets a point.

Pandora’s box

This game is also suitable for parties consisting of adults only. The rules are simple: the guests can, completely anonymously, write down crazy and exciting questions on slips of paper. These questions are then mixed in a box whereupon the participants take turns picking up the pieces of paper and answering the questions.

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