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The face cream (at a budget price!) that gives Lily Collins’ complexion a glow in Emily in Paris

Lily Collins’ make-up artist has revealed which product gives the star’s complexion extra glow – and it’s more affordable than we thought! Student? Then also have additional 10% Discount at Bangerhead with the Student Card. (Also applies to already reduced prices)

Photo: Netflix

Opinions about the TV series Emily in Paris have been divided since its premiere on Netflix in 2020, but one thing we can probably all agree on: lead actress Lily Collins looks amazing in every episode. If you’re one of those wondering how Emily’s skin gets its glow, the actress’ make-up artist Aurelie Payen has now answered the riddle.

It is a moisturizing face cream from the Embryolisse brand that is the basis for the star’s fresh appearance. Payen mixes the cream with a vitamin C serum to give Collins’ skin an extra glow. The face cream – which is of course French – is a product that has achieved cult status over the years and according to Embryolisse themselves, a copy of their Lait Creme Concentrate every thirteen seconds.

Keen to try it yourself? Below you will find you the cult face cream:

Source: HuffPost

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