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Weather forecast for summer 2023 – could be as hot as 2018

Now the first long-term forecast has arrived and it looks promising for those who wish for a hot summer full of cooling baths. According to meterologist Madeleine Westin, the summer of 2023 could be as hot as 2018.

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Long-range forecasts have gotten better and better at predicting the weather, and while they can never be considered an exact science, you can learn a lot about the coming weather by studying the pressure fields. Two weather phenomena that can be studied long-term are La Niña and El Niño, which affect the entire earth’s climate.

By studying the movements of the weather system and then comparing with data from previous years, certain predictions can be made about the upcoming weather. In TV4’s News morning now reveals the meterologist Madeleine Westin that we could face a summer as hot as the one we had in 2018. “In the summer of 2018 we had La Niña during the winter and then we had this period when we transition to El Niño and we got this extremely hot summer – we are in the same weather situation now,” she says.

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