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Plexian launches trading platform with a focus on customer experience

Fintech company Plexian has recently launched a new marketplace that aims to offer customers a convenient opportunity to purchase products from multiple companies under a single provider. The marketplace’s upselling feature, which occurs during the checkout step, enables businesses to offer more personalized and relevant offers to their customers, including better deals.

As competition in the e-commerce industry gets tougher, upselling has become increasingly important. As customers’ behavior changes, companies face greater expectations and demands in order to maintain their competitiveness. To meet these needs from both customers and businesses, Plexian has launched a marketplace that offers customers products from different suppliers based on AI, past transactions and purchase patterns. By offering products from several different suppliers, customers can make all their purchases in one place, whether it’s a camping kitchen, a kettle or a certain type of shampoo.

Meeting customers’ needs is becoming increasingly important

– Upselling is beneficial for e-commerce as well, which sees an increased average order value, while at the same time giving the customer a good buying experience – a win-win situation, quite simply. Meeting customers’ needs is becoming increasingly important, which is why we developed this solution. The idea is that companies should be able to complement each other and collaborate by putting the customer in focus, says Johan Möllerström, CEO at Plexian.

The products offered during the checkout step complement the customer’s purchase and there is often a margin for the company to offer an extra good deal because the upsell occurs after the transaction has been completed.

Acts as a meeting place

The offers are created in Plexian’s Edge Publish tool, which acts as a meeting place. Based on the purchases made in combination with the customer’s profile, Plexian’s AI engine generates relevant and personalized offers that are specifically designed for the individual customer.

Plexian’s new trading platform is expected to benefit both customers and businesses. Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience with tailored recommendations, and businesses can increase their sales through upselling and gain a competitive advantage. With the e-commerce industry evolving at a rapid pace, Plexian’s innovative approach to upselling could set the stage for the future of online shopping.

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