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Which signs are the worst losers in the Zodiac, according to astrologers

People who can’t stand defeat could have an astrological predisposition, so if you’re one of those who gets irritated if you don’t even win at video games, it may be due to your zodiac sign. according to astrologers Aries, Leo and Scorpio are the worst losersnot because they are destined to be defeated, rather, it is due to their personality.


Although nobody likes to lose, some take it philosophically, but in the case of said signs a defeat, no matter how small, upsets them to the core. Instead of learning the lesson, anger clouds your logic and analytical skills.

There are signs that recover quickly from adversity and rebuild their path, but these 3 members of the horoscope cannot do so. Why can’t these signs stand being losers?



As he is the first sign of the zodiac, he always wants to be the first in everything. Competition is synonymous with Aries and while it is a characteristic that makes him stand out, it is also his Achilles heel.

What this sign hates most is losing; Competing and coming out on top makes them feel worthy, according to astrologer Reda Wigle in an article for the New York Post. An Aries will never settle for second place, which is why they are not good losers.

A Leo likes everyone to shine, as long as no one dulls their radiance, after all, it is the only sign ruled by the Sun and as such, there is no room for two in the universe, that is, a tie is not One option.

Winning makes them feel special because they believe that this is the only way to get recognition. If they lose, they will never accept their defeat, they will do everything in their power to belittle or discredit the triumph of their adversaries.

Behind its cold appearance, Scorpio is a very passionate sign. For them it’s all or nothing, kill or be killed, so they put their best effort into everything they do. If it doesn’t reach them, they throw the tantrum of their lives.

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