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what to do to increase sales?

Selling on marketplaces can boost your business. But do you know how to increase your sales through these platforms?

With digital commerce on the rise, being present in marketplaces it is increasingly important to make your brand known to new consumers and increase sales. However, the characteristics of these platforms and the competition require a greater effort to achieve these goals.

Selling on marketplaces has, like any other activity related to commerce, some ways to improve your results.

there are several types of marketplaces, so the first tip is to choose which one is best for you. Do you want to sell to companies or the final consumer? Do you prefer to be on a platform only for companies in your sector or on one where different types of products are sold? Is it better to choose a large platform or opt for smaller markets?

This is the first and perhaps one of the most important decisions to be made regarding the e-commerce. In order to be well founded (and to understand if your company is really ready to take this step), you can start by doing the e-commerce diagnosis from AICEP.

The next step will be draw up the action plan, defining the target audience for its sales on the marketplace, as well as adapting the offer to its international customers. These are strategies that require some knowledge of the target market, but are fundamental so that you can direct your efforts, rather than being dispersed.

The support of an entity like AICEP, due to its knowledge of international markets and e-commerce, is very useful for your company to have a successful presence in these “electronic storefronts”. You can know more in this article from the Portugal Exporta websitethe AICEP platform dedicated to the internationalization of Portuguese companies.

7 tips for selling on a marketplace

Standing out on an e-commerce platform will be easier if you pay attention to some fundamental aspects.

From choosing the marketplace to analyzing data, there are several ways to increase your sales. You can find out more in this article.

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