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Let’s Dance 2023 – Eric Saade is celebrated after the jump

Eric Saade’s entry as presenter in Let’s Dance this weekend was well received by viewers. Now the words of praise about Saade are pouring in on social media.

Photo: TV4

It was during Saturday that Eric Saade jumped in as presenter TV4’s Let’s Dancewhich is currently in its eighteenth season.

“Nice and professional”

The regular presenter Kristin Kaspersen could not be in the program on Saturday as she already had another work commitment in the Maldives, something she had agreed to before replacing Petra Mede as presenter at short notice. Let’s Dance 2023.

Saade is no novice in Let’s Dance– context – last year he took home the victory in the program. When he took on the role of host on Saturday, he impressed many of the viewers, something that is evident in the comments section of Saade’s latest Instagram post.

“You made the program so much better,” writes one user. “Think tv4 might think about letting you lead the rest now with.”

“So neat and professional,” writes another person. “Fantastic combo – you & David.”

“Want to see you and David as presenters for mello 2024!!!!!!”, writes a third.

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