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What is Capricorn like: the most positive and negative aspects of his personality

Those born from December 21 to January 19 are ruled by Capricorn, a sign that, like the rest of the members of the Zodiac, possess both positive and negative traits in your astrological personality.

The sea goat is a focused earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet in charge of discipline, structures and karma, that’s why its character is the most ambitious and goal-focusedmainly, those associated with the race.

Capricorn is the guardian of the Tenth House, which represents the goals, ambitions, the will to grow, perseverance, the status and success that we wish to obtain throughout life. In addition, this house is the one that symbolizes the public image, the reputation and shows the weak points, according to Astromundus.

According to his astrological energy, these are the most positive and negative characteristics of the Capricorn personality.

The most positive of Capricorn

They are motivated by success so they take charge of their own destiny, they know that it is in their hands to make their dreams come true. According to The Horoscope site, they are independent, organized and skilled at visualizing the details required to undertake a project.

Although you can marry he will not do it if it means giving up his intereststhis means that you need a partner who will encourage you to pursue your goals and encourage you to improve yourself, instead of taking over your life.

Another of his main attributes is patience, he works hard and waits as long as it takes for his dreams to come true. He is focused on his objectives, careful not to make wrong decisions and a great saver, likewise, he is reliable and keeps his word.

The most negative of Capricorn

Among the most negative things about a Capricorn personality is becoming obsessed with success and gaining wealthIn addition, they are perfectionists and invest too much time in their career, so they can neglect personal relationships and even themselves.

Another problem with this sign is that can only focus on one thing and another does not start until the first one is finished, so they usually leave projects pending.

His character is controlling and authoritarianThey also tend to be very spiteful, and they always expect the best from themselves and from others. When they don’t get the results they wanted, they can become very disappointed and depressed.

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