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Mercury retrograde in April 2023: what are its effects and how to overcome them

One of the events in the sky that arouses the most uncertainty in lovers of astrology is Mercury retrograde since, they say, it causes power changes, communications and technology failures. In the coming weeks we will face this transit, but should we get nervous? An astrologer helps us understand its effects and revealed how to overcome them.

If you don’t know what we mean by a retrograde, it is the apparent movement of a planet backwards. From our perspective on Earth appears to pause or rewind its orbit, but this is only an optical effect. Astrologically it means that the planet spends more time in one zodiac sign or regresses to the previous one.

When does Mercury retrograde begin in April 2023?

Mercury, the ruling planet of communication and thought, will turn retrograde on April 21 in Taurus and it will “walk” backwards in that earth sign until next May 15, which indicates that we will experience its effects for almost 4 weeks.

What will be the effects of Mercury retrograde?

The traditional effects of Mercury retrograde have to do with glitches, delays, and misunderstandings in everything associated with communications, from the way we relate to means of transportation, emails, and technology.

As it will be retrograde in Taurus, those of this sign will be the most affected, but also Virgo and Gemini will feel it more stronglyboth ruled by this planet.

“Mercury is the planet of communication and rules many different situations in our everyday lives. Especially in a world so dependent on communication in the digital age” commented the astrologer Inbaal Honigman to Psychic Worldin an email sent to La Opinión.

He explained that its effects will range from emails to handwritten notes, to TikTok trends, invoices, report cards, etc.

“Phones won’t charge, TVs turn off randomly, emails refuse to send, and many other crashes. The great interruption of Facebook occurred on October 4, 2021, during the Mercury retrograde ”he recalled.

How will it affect your love relationship?

As in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, it will affect our romantic life by making us less flexible and tolerant; discussions and misunderstandings will be the order of the day. The recommendation is to be more patient and reflect on accumulated feelings.

In addition, we must remain vigilant because Retrograde Mercury also often brings back people from the past.that is, ex-partners, so during this period there are people who resume ended relationships.

For singles it is suggested to pause dating and wait for this retrograde to pass otherwise they could start a chaotic relationship.

What to do to survive Mercury retrograde?

The astrologer Inbaal recommended some simple actions such as bring a charger and turn on all your devices to automatically save changes, postpone new contracts and presentations, think twice before pressing the “send” button and, in the same way, do not take yourself into account. serious no random insults.

If you want the effects of Mercury retrograde go unnoticed He suggested keeping your house tidy and your keys hanging so you don’t lose anything, ordering your groceries ahead of time and having a plan B in case they get mixed up, as well as writing love notes to your partner and scheduling them before retrograde hits. .

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