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Find out how to pay off outstanding debt

Microentrepreneurs who are in default will have their CNPJ registered in the Active Debts. When the MEI has the CNPJ active in the debts, it will have to choose to collect from the INSS through the DAS DAU.

In order to be able to make the payments, it will be necessary to issue them through the Regularize portal of the Attorney General’s Office. Taxes such as ISS and ICMS must be paid in the guide of the municipality or state where he registered.

What this article covers:

MEI: Overdue taxes

According to the Federal Revenue, they were sent to the Active Debt, which has outstanding debts since 2016, already declared by the MEI Annual Declaration, in 2017. Check out the debts that need to be settled:

  • INSS;
  • ISS which means taxes on services;
  • ICMS, which means tax on operations relating to goods and transport services, whether intercity, interstate or communication.

The amounts that will be related to the contributions will have an increase of 20% to the charge titles.

MEI: How can I consult late taxes?

The MEI must access the website PGMEI which is available on the Simples Nacional Portal. It will be necessary to obtain a code or digital certificate, which must be picked up on the site itself.

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Subsequently, it will be necessary to access the Extract/Pending Query option and go to the Pending Query in Simei.

MEI: Install the debts

It will be possible to pay the debts in installments through the Regularize portal, later you may be entitled to consult the request made and click on the collection document to be able to issue the document for the 1st installment.

The micro-entrepreneur will be able to pay in up to 60 installments, but the amount must be less than R$ 300.00. When obtaining the printed guide, just go to a lottery house, bank branch, post office bank, ATM or internet banking.

Avoid falling into Active Debt and running the risk of your CNPJ becoming visible for other companies to have access. Always try to pay all debts in cash, so that there is never any other that could harm you in any way.

Evidently, this is what companies prefer, paying in installments in case it is no longer possible to pay, returning to a new installment in the future and getting stuck in an endless snowball.

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