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International Kissing Day 2023: which zodiac sign is the best kisser

International Kissing Day is celebrated on April 13. and it is the perfect pretext to look for a special person and commemorate it as it should. If you want to be pleasantly surprised, astrology is the guide you expected when revealing which zodiac signs are the best kissers.

It is interesting to note that the art of kissing is associated with the personality of the signs. While some are passionate and sensual, others are tender and sweet; This means that how well we do it also depends on the preferences of the couple.

However, in the opinion of astrologers at the Best Life Online site, there are those who stand out because their kisses are liked by everyone. What zodiac signs are the best at kissing? International Kissing Day 2023 is a good opportunity to find out.

According to astrologers, the best kisser in the Zodiac is Pisces. He is emotional, empathetic and a dreamer, so his kisses are very romantic. They have the ability to immediately tune in to their partner’s energy, that is, they sense how they like to be kissed in just seconds. Don’t be fooled by his shy personality, Pisces is very good at physical contact so it is the best sign to celebrate International Kissing Day.

In second place is this sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. Taurus is extremely sensual with her kisses, which are characterized by their slow and constant rhythm, in addition, he loves to create the perfect atmosphere so that the moment is unforgettable.

In the honorable third place is Sagittarius, a sign whose kisses are a mixture of freshness, tranquility and fieryness. What gives him the advantage and places him in this ranking is his carefree attitude, if he wants to kiss, he does it and he doesn’t rush, he lives in the moment and enjoys it. If you want to steal a kiss, Sagittarius is the best option.

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