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6 Cybersecurity tools you should know in 2023

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly relevant in the world for one simple reason: hackers are becoming more sophisticated. That is why talking about how we can protect ourselves is very important.

Here we will tell you what are the main cybersecurity tools that you can access today.

In this way you will guarantee the security of your devices, as well as your peace of mind knowing that your data and sensitive information will be far from hackers and cybercriminals. So we recommend that you continue reading.

Tool 1: VPN

One of the main cybersecurity tools that we find is the VPN. This is because the VPN offers many benefits.

For example, you can hide IP via VPN so that they do not access your information. You can also create a shield which will keep you safe when browsing the internet.

If that is not enough, you should know that it also allows you to change the location of your IP.

This helps keep hackers away because breaking a VPN is very complicated, plus they will not have the information such as IP necessary to try to break into your devices and your networks.

Tool 2: A good antivirus

Another tool that you should take into account is the use of good antivirus software, which is the crucial part of any cybersecurity strategy.

And it is that without an antivirus, they will practically not have the possibility of protecting you from malware.

The benefits of having an antivirus are many, since it will not only protect you from the arrival of potential malware in contaminated files or sites.

It will also help you to quarantine and remove any infection. In addition, there are more and more antiviruses that incorporate the possibility of adding protection in real time.

Tool 3: Perimeter Firewall

The Network Perimeter Firewall is designed to keep us protected in Internet networks.

Its operation is very simple, it is in charge of analyzing the network packets to determine how secure they are and therefore, if they are approved or if they are blocked.

Although many experts believe that firewalls are declining in their ability to detect threats, there are more and more sophisticated firewalls.

These include the ability to analyze the files present in the networks under different parameters, thus determining if they are safe or if they contemplate a potential threat.

Tool 4: Proxy Server

If you do not know what is a proxy server it is better that you investigate it as soon as possible.

This is because a proxy server is one of the most used cybersecurity tools in the world. Although its use is already a bit old, it is still valid due to its capacity.

Proxy servers work as a kind of filter which is responsible for acting as an intermediary with the network.

This intermediary will be in charge of analyzing all the data communicated between the device and the network, guaranteeing that only reliable data passes through.

Tool 5: Endpoint Disk Encryption

Although it is not widely used, at least not directly by choice of each user, end-to-end encryption is one of the most important in terms of data protection.

This is because endpoint encryption is responsible for protecting the data when it is transmitted.

The operation of endpoint encryption is very simple to explain. Basically, it is a system that is responsible for encrypting the data so that it is transmitted securely over the network, guaranteeing communication that is difficult to intercept.

Tool 6: Scanners

Today there are digital tools designed to scan devices for potential vulnerabilities.

These scanning and analysis tools will help you detect flaws and gaps that a hacker could use to get into your operating system.

If you think that this is not useful, you are wrong, because the scanners will give you a parameter and an idea about where to go and what to work on.

You may think that your operating system or your networks are strong, but with these scanners you can really tell if that is so.

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