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This way you make the concealer last all day

Is there anything more frustrating than concealer that doesn’t sit right? This is how you make the concealer last all day!

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Concealer is a real favorite product, especially when we haven’t had our beauty sleep. However, applying this product correctly is not as easy as it sounds! Here we list three tricks that make your concealer sit better and last longer.

Prepare with eye cream

This is a step that many people may skip, but it makes an incredible difference to the end result as concealer tends to settle unevenly into dry areas and fine lines. So before you reach for the concealer, moisturize the under-eye area with an eye cream. When the skin has absorbed the cream, apply a primer – this makes the product stay longer.

Apply correctly

Whether you use your fingers, a brush or a sponge, there is one rule to keep in mind when applying concealer: Dab – avoid smearing. When it comes to placement, we recommend focusing on the area under the corner of the eye as well as under the outer edge of the eye.

Finish with powder

Finally, we recommend setting the concealer with a powder. You can use a makeup brush for this purpose, or why not try a powder puff? Follow the steps below for powder puff application:

  1. Start by removing concealer that has accumulated in the fine lines under the eye using a small makeup brush or sponge.
  2. Before starting application, smooth the powder on the powder puff by folding it and rubbing the inside against itself.
  3. Apply the powder by gently patting the powder puff against the skin. Instead, dragging the powder puff over the skin results in you sweeping away the concealer. Look up towards the ceiling for a more even application.
  4. If you don’t want powder on your cheeks (which can dull the glow), point the tip of the powder puff towards the temples when using it on the outer edge of the eye.

PS Clean the puff regularly, otherwise the oils from the skin can cause the powder to stick unevenly to it.

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