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Update Android – here’s how

Keeping your phone up to date is incredibly important and affects security but also gives you new features and new content.

Every update of Android comes with new things that can make using the phone easier. However, there is a disadvantage with Android compared to iOS and that is that new updates are not released to all phones. Therefore, you can sometimes be left with a phone that is impossible to update as the manufacturer has not produced a new version of Android for your particular phone. Something that happens after some time and then you won’t be able to update the phone anymore.

Some phones like the Pixel come with updates over a longer period. Some manufacturers also make it easier for you to get updates for your phone. However, there comes a time when the hardware in your phone cannot handle the new updates.

Update your Android phone:

Updating an Android phone is not difficult. You start by going into settings and then select system. Then you go under advanced where you will also find System Update. Most common way is to first check if there is an update, if there is just press update. Otherwise, you will only see that your phone is updated to the latest version. Which allows you to easily update your phone.

However, this may differ between the different Android versions, but the basis is the same for all versions. There are also different types of updates although they are no different once you update them. One type is security updates and the other type is when the system itself is updated. For example, when Android 11 is released for your particular phone. Because it is, as I said, important to keep the phone up to date. Some phones will tell you there is an update or do it automatically. Therefore, it is not always that you need to update your phone yourself, but can simply choose to let it take care of that part entirely by itself. However, make sure your phone always has the latest update.

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