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That’s why Salma Hayek never washes her face in the morning

Salma Hayek is not only known for her acting talents, but also for the fact that at the age of 56 she still looks amazing. Here is one of the tricks Hayek uses to maintain his youthful appearance.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Celebrities having access to the best beauty products and treatments is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean all their methods are expensive and complicated – something if the tips below are an example of.

Got the tip from his grandmother

It was during a question and answer session with GQ as Salma Hayek told us about her somewhat unorthodox beauty routine in the morning: She skips washing her face.

“My grandmother taught me never to wash my face in the morning,” she says in the interview. “It’s not disgusting.”

The actress explained that it’s all about preserving the oils that the skin naturally produces during the night.

“What happens at night is that your skin produces all the oils that your skin needs to look youthful. It is renewed. So wash your skin really well in the evening, but don’t wash away your skin’s hard work in the morning,” she says.

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