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That’s why everyone talks about eating an orange in the shower

If you like hanging out on TikTok, you may have heard of the concept of “shower oranges”. But what is it all really about? Metro Mode explains.

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Where do you usually eat your oranges?

If the answer is “in the shower,” then we can pretty much guarantee you’ve seen one of the “shower oranges” videos that have popped up on TikTok lately.

“Sensual and liberating”

No one knows exactly where the idea of ​​eating an orange in the shower actually comes from, but one guess is that it originated in a Reddit post from 2015 where the action is described as “the most sensual, wild, liberating thing a man can do”.

The post in turn gave rise to one wire where the benefits of “shower oranges” are discussed. The thread includes questions about what to think about when eating an orange in the shower, enthusiastic testimonials from people who have tried it, and of course loads of pictures of oranges.

Today, the trend has made its way to TikTok, where it has had a big impact – the fact is that the hashtag “shower orange” (“shower orange” in Swedish) has a whopping 8 million views at the time of writing.

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The benefits of “shower oranges”

Eating an orange in the shower is an almost life-changing experience, at least according to the saved.

Many people find that it becomes more enjoyable to eat an orange in the shower because you don’t have to worry about the fruit getting dirty.

Another benefit is that the shower is said to enhance the smell of citrus – a scent known to have an energizing and de-stressing effect, while lifting the mood.

Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner explains HuffPost what this is due to:

“The moisture in the shower can bind the orange’s essential oils, which are released when it is peeled, causing the scent to then circulate in the relatively small space of the shower,” she says.

Still not convinced? For those who are skeptical of shower oranges, Jackson suggests a simple alternative:

“You can get a similar effect by pouring a few drops of essential oil with citrus on the shower floor. Then you don’t have to deal with the peels and seeds, while you get the potentially mood-boosting kick from the citrus scent.”

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