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the vertigo of a spectacular trail

Caminito del Rey is one of the most recognized trails in the Iberian Peninsula. In the heart of Andalusia, vertigo only for the brave.

It is not that far from Portugal but, probably, the El Caminito del Rey it still doesn’t have the popularity it should have among the Portuguese.

It is only a 7.7 kilometer route on the quite of the Spanish Autonomous Community of Andalusiabut it has already made news around the world for being “one of the most dangerous paths on the planet”.

the diminutive of the word pathin Portuguese pathit is only suitable for its length, because, besides, everything is on a large scale: the beauty of the landscape and the care to be taken when venturing along this route.

And you can start with virtual tourjust to get an idea of ​​what you’ll find.

Caminito del Rey: always from north to south

Caminito del Rey is so named because Alfonso XIII visited it in 1921, when the dams in the area were inaugurated. The route winds through the natural scenery of the remote Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.

That’s why you have to walk on foot to start walking. Confused? We explain: the path is so intricate that it is only possible to reach the starting point by walking from one of the parking lots or the nearest train stop.

How to go through the walkways over 100 meters high

Staying away from areas accessible to vehicles, the route to reach the starting point starts at one of four locations.

These can be the train stop of ardales or one of the three existing car parks in the area, all relatively close. Two of these parks are located to the north, at the foot of the Hotel Meson La Posada del Conde It’s from Bar La Cantinarespectively, and another to the south, near the El Kiosko restaurant.

The distance between the parking lot and the entry point, which is close to the dam where the Embalse (Reservoir) del Gaitanejo ends, varies between 1.7 and 2.7 kilometres.

The views along the way are breathtaking.

Participants must arrive at the entry point half an hour before starting the route, and for that it is also necessary to take care of the route time of those 1.7 or 2.7 kilometers.

From there, there are many indications for adventurers to start the route – which is unique – until reaching the north access. This is the only one available to start and the route (which is linear and not circular) it only has one direction and it is always done from north to south.

However, the one-way street raises the logistical issue of transport once the route to the south has been covered. Thus, participants must ensure that they have or know the necessary means to return to where they parked their car.

Therefore, there is a paid shuttle bus service between Ardales and El Chorro, Álora, and vice versa.

Once the logistical issues have been overcome, it is time to take advantage of the fantastic landscapes that the Desfiladero de Gaitanes has to offer.

As mentioned above, the total route is 7.7 kilometers; Of these, 4.8 are access roads and 2.9 kilometers are actually footbridges.

Caminito del Rey: A path that was once deadly

The Caminito del Rey became known worldwide when several people died trying to cross it. In 2001, the route had to be closed after the death of 5 adventurers.

The itinerary was closed for more than a decade until it reopened in 2015, after a strong investment in conditions that guarantee safety.

It is not, therefore, to neglect the security rules present on the official website of the route. These include putting on the safety equipment provided at the entrance, respecting the instructions given by the group leaders and complying with the stipulated prohibitions.

What to visit nearby

The area surrounding Caminito del Rey has a unique beauty, a product of nature and human transformation.

Therefore, there are several interesting points to visit, especially observatories and viewpoints. On google, these points are well indicated, and the main ones are Recreation Zone island, sillón del rey and the Bobastro Ruins.

Bridge on the Caminito del Rey
There are centuries-old bridges in a canyon full of surprises

Where to stay

Given the growing demand for this experience, the site offers some accommodation solutions, although the total journey takes between three and four hours.

While some accommodations are more traditional, there are others that explore the concept of rural tourism, with a swimming pool and allied gastronomic experiences, as is the case of the rural tourist complex La Garganta.

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