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Guide: How to blow dry your hair like a pro

Imagine if every day you could have such a nice and lovely flow of hair like when you leave the hairdresser. Now you can! With the latest hair dryers, you style your hair in an effective and gentle way. With our best tips on how to do (and not do!) when blow-drying your hair, it’s not at all difficult to get the blowout of your dreams.

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In order to achieve a perfect result when you blow dry your hair, it is most important that you have a really good hair dryer. The old hair dryer you have may overheat the hair and take a long time to dry it, which makes it harder to style and also wears out the hair unnecessarily.

So, that old hair dryer you have that you have to blow for hours to even get your hair semi-dry and which has also started to sound weird – throw it away! A really good hair dryer is a worthwhile investment that allows you to achieve salon results on your own.

Here are our best tips on how to get the best results when you blow dry your hair!

For those with curly hair or styling curls:

1. Prepare the hair by applying a heat protection product.

2. Feel free to use a serum that highlights the curls even more.

3. For those with naturally curly hair, you blow dry quickly and efficiently with the bowl diffuser which distributes the air stream and brings out the natural curls in the best way. Carefully place the hair in the diffuser and let the hair dry gently on a low speed.

4. If you want to style curls, use a round brush when blow-drying to effectively shape the hair. The diameter of the brush corresponds to the size of the curls.

5. Always divide your hair into sections, it saves time and makes styling easier. As you create the curls, rotate the brush with your hair around itself as you work your way through the hair section by section. This defines the curls and makes them hold their shape. It takes some practice to master the technique, but the beautiful result is worth it! Remember to work with the hair dryer and the brush in the same direction. They should follow the same movement to shape the hair.

6. Use the narrowest nozzle that concentrates the airflow as much as possible to achieve efficient and controlled styling. It makes it easier to get the desired curls and makes them last even better.

7. Finish with a texturizing spray or volumizing mousse.

For those who want straight, shiny hair:

1. Prepare the hair by applying a heat protection product.

2. Apply a leave-in conditioner that makes the hair soft and easy to work with.

3. When blow-drying, use a paddle brush, preferably in a boar/nylon mixture, with a large surface that you brush through the hair with while blowing. Always point the blow dryer downwards, so that the air stream goes along the hair in the same direction as the brush is pulled through the hair. It gives a straighter but at the same time soft and stylish result.

4. Use the narrowest nozzle for the most concentrated airflow possible. The elongated nozzle allows you to work with a larger section of hair at the same time.

5. Finish the blow-drying with a shine spray for an extra nice finish.

Things to think about when blow-drying your hair:

1. Don’t start styling your hair with the blow dryer straight away when you get out of the shower and it’s completely wet – it wears on your hair unnecessarily. Instead, start blow-drying your hair when it is about 80 percent dry.

2. Remember to always blow dry and work with the hair in the direction you want it to lie. If you want volume at the roots, pull the hair dryer from the scalp upwards.

3. Do you prefer to let your hair air dry? Keep in mind that this seals in the moisture near the scalp. To avoid a dry scalp, it is therefore good to always dry the roots of the hair to give it a little lift, possibly only with cold air. This is especially important during the winter.

4. A super tip that the professionals use is to always finish by blowing the hair with cold air after drying and styling. The ionic function in the hair dryer reduces the hair’s static electricity, resulting in shinier hair. It also makes the hair hold its shape better.


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