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11 things women with beautiful hair do every day

What you do every day affects your hair more than you might think. If you have thin and lifeless hair, it may be time to review your everyday routine.

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Do you have hair that feels lifeless and without shine now after the summer? Then you’re probably not alone. But it’s actually easier than you think to restore your hair to its former glory. We list the things you can change in your daily routine that will make your hair look radiantly beautiful – here are 11 habits every girl with fine hair does every day.

1. Avoid heat styling as much as possible

We actually have to use styling tools with heat sometimes, but only in case of emergency. If you have to use heating tools, you should always use heat protection and preferably not have it hotter than 180 degrees.

2. Always sleep on silk

The soft texture of the silk is gentler on the hair than cotton and therefore your hair will also be softer.

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3. Keep your hair clean

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair so often and definitely don’t use shampoo. How much you should shower is individual. Listen to your hair and as long as you use quality products, it can be good to wash your hair quite often. Your split ends can be reduced, adds moisture to the hair and the hair looks fresh and shiny. If you live in a big city with a lot of pollution, you should shower more often than if you live more in the country. However, you should preferably not wash your hair more often than every three days if you live in a dry climate.

4. Be loyal

A common misconception is that your hair will be healthier if you frequently change hair care series so that your hair does not have time to get used to it. The best thing for your hair is to find what works for you and stick with it. Your hair won’t notice the difference. Of course, you can switch between different brands and products before you find the right combination. Once you find it, stick with it.

5. Don’t skimp on the moisturizer

The skin on your scalp is in as much need of moisture as the skin on your face. A rule of thumb is that you should use conditioner every time you shower and you can also lubricate the scalp with coconut oil once every two or every week. Also remember that you should not only use moisturizing products when you shower, but also after. Make it a routine that when you brush your hair, you also comb in a protective product.

6. Eat right

It doesn’t matter how caring we are to our hair, because as soon as the hair leaves the hair follicle, half the battle for beautiful hair is already lost. Half the battle is won by what we put in our body. Foods rich in iron, zinc and Omega-3 are good if you want hair à la the shampoo commercials.

7. Limit time in the sun

You can see quite clearly what a full day in the sun without sunscreen does to your skin, then remember that your hair takes almost as much of a beating. The best protection in the summer is if you comb a leave-in conditioner through your hair before leaving home. If you’re going to spend a day at the beach, it’s good if you spray on a heat protectant with SPF every time you swim (the same as you do with a school cap).

8. Be careful with the tangles

Before you go wild with the brush, you have to think about what you’re doing and be careful. Use a wide-toothed comb and always start brushing the ends and then work your way up to the roots.

9. Get regular haircuts – even if you’re saving your hair

It can feel tempting to skip the next haircut when you want to save your hair. In order for you to have long and healthy hair, you actually have to cut it. If you trim your hair once every six to eight months, your split ends will not cause hair loss. When you wait to get a haircut, the hair will be worn and when you do get a haircut, you will probably have to cut significantly more than you thought.

10. Take a cold shower

When you wash your hair, your water is probably way too hot. If you have too hot water, the volume in your hair can disappear and you will find that your hair is flat and boring. When you rinse your conditioner out of your hair, use as cold water as possible. The colder the better. Your hair will look more beautiful and healthier.

11. Use the right amount of product in the right place

If you cover your entire hair with shampoo and conditioner, you’re doing it wrong. Use a small dab of shampoo on your scalp and on the first few centimeters of your hair. That’s where you need a product that cleans. You should only embalm the lengths and ends. Certainly not at the roots, then the hair can look floaty.

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