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What is the concept of Big data?

If you are in frequent contact with the internet or consume some media that talk about technology such as movies and series, you have certainly come across the expression Big Data.

And although these two words are repeated by several people when talking about the internet, databases, artificial intelligence and other related topics, the concept of Big Data is still unknown by many people who do not work with the topic or study it in depth.

So if you want to learn more about what Big Data is, what its characteristics are and what the object of these words consists of then continue with the article.

What this article covers:

What is Big Data?

Everything about internet content, digital files and programming could be summed up in one word: data.

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Every action carried out on the virtual plane leaves some digital trace and the concept of Big Data is closely linked to this, because the most accurate thing we could say about Big Data is that these words refer to large amounts of data that are analyzed in depth. and complex by businesses, government organizations, and other institutions in order to obtain information that may benefit them.

With this definition we can already have an idea of ​​how important Big Data is and how it can also be dangerous and even a social problem, generating debates about privacy. and virtual security??

What is Big Data used for?

Information is practically one of the most precious assets in the world, not only in our time but in every period of human history. Monumental efforts and much human sacrifice have already been made in an attempt to obtain precious information.

Nowadays, with Big Data, this information gathering is much easier, but still complex, and companies do everything to be able to analyze Big Data and thus have very useful information about the market and consumers.

When did Big Data emerge?

Big Data emerged practically concomitantly with the advent of the internet. Experts saw at the turn of the millennium, when the internet reached its peak of growth, the opportunities and advantages of storing and analyzing data. And thus Big Data was born in order to collect valuable information.

How does Big Data work?

Perhaps a term that could define Big Data functionality would be “comparison”. Comparison to Big Data is everything, as the data analyzed by Big Data by itself is still not information, but potential information.

How Big Data works

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Let’s try to make the subject clearer: Big Data is a set of data that says nothing by itself, but when they are analyzed exhaustively with other data and then some relationships that were only implicit or completely unpredictable begin to show themselves clear and quite identifiable.

But for that, of course, you need some kind of high-performance processing unit and artificial intelligence is usually used to do this work that humanly would be almost impossible to do.

Why and how is Big Data used?

If Big Data is comparison, as we said, can you imagine how valuable it can be for a company that wants to start a marketing campaign but doesn’t know if it will work? Big Data is an opportunity to analyze the market and consumers at a much deeper level.

And not only companies that benefit from it, state agencies and even spy agencies see in Big Data a treasure, a value of variable and even secret information that is practically incalculable.

All this gives Big Data a central role in our highly virtual society and even calls for serious debates about digital security and our privacy on the internet.

So, in summary, this is the concept of Big Data and what its functions are and why the digital market considers Big Data to be one of the most important and main tools of the new era.

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