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The 3 best care and products for skin with rosacea

Did you know that rosacea skin requires specific care? And who needs suitable products? Find out how you can combat the problem.

Did you know that more and more people own skin with rosacea?? Yes, you read that right. Although it is a chronic inflammatory vascular disease, this pathology has been diagnosed in many people.

Translating into a skin with redness, which can form balls, reveal dilated pores and even some lesions that look like pimples, and can also cause scaling in some areas of the face, it is a very uncomfortable pathology.

Triggered by the heat, alcoholic beveragesspicy foods and even sun exposure, there are some ways to avoid flare-ups and achieve beautiful, well-groomed skin.

We’ve gathered what they are and even show you the best products for rosacea skin. Check it out and say hello to beautiful, healthy skin.


always use sunscreen

Although sunscreen is essential for all skin types, and at any time of the year, if you suffer from rosacea skin, know that it becomes even more essential, being a great ally to manage to avoid flare-ups.

This is because, as it is a condition that worsens with sun exposure, leaving the skin sensitive and red, it is necessary to protect the face as much as possible.

The ideal is, therefore, to opt for mineral sunscreens (rich in titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) because they are the most suitable for sensitive skin and with some pathology.


Avoid overly aggressive products

If you have rosacea-prone skin, know that you should avoid acids, as well as scrubs with grit and any product that is more abrasive.

Remember that your skin is sensitive and, in that sense, it must be treated with care. So opt for cream exfoliants (which, in addition to being less aggressive to the skin, help to hydrate it), and invest in a moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin.

Likewise, whenever you are going to make a mask, the ideal is that it is moisturizing and specific for sensitive skin.


Dry your face without rubbing

A very important tip for those with rosacea-prone skin is to dry the skin with small “pats” with a towel, after washing your face.

In other words, do not rub and avoid sudden movements as much as possible, as they may be responsible for another redness crisis.

So choose a soft towel, preferably microfiber, and dry your face carefully, using gentle movements. You’ll see how it makes all the difference.

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Now that you know how to take care of your skin, we show you some products that will be your face’s best friend.

bioderma cleansing gel


One of the great steps to take care of skin with rosacea is to bet on a specific cleansing gel for this condition. Sensibio by Bioderma is suitable for all sensitive skin and rosacea.
In that sense, if your cleansing gel is over and you want to try a new one, it’s really worth giving this one a chance.


rosacea serum

La Roche Posay

The French brand La Roche Posay has a line entirely dedicated to skin with rosacea, called Rosaliac. And one of the best-selling products for skin with breakouts is Ar Intense, an intensive concentrate against redness. With three powerful ingredients and a patented formula, this cream really is every rosacea skin’s best friend.


skin ceuticals phyto corrective


The serum is an essential step in any beauty routine, as it ensures maximum hydration. Specially formulated for sensitive and problematic skin, SkinCeuticals’ Phyto Corrective serum contains cucumber, thyme, olive, mulberry and hyaluronic acid extracts. These powerful ingredients guarantee fresh, hydrated and redness-free skin.


Are you ready to say hello to beautiful, redness-free skin with our tips?

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