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Who is BlackRock?

BlackRock is now one of the most financially successful companies in the world. A partner of major brands, BlackRock manages investments, provides consulting services and offers asset applications.

So many top quality services offered, added to an intelligent position in the face of the various crises that shook the financial world, made BlackRock a giant in the market.

But many people still do not know well the company that now operates in Brazil. So if you want to know more about BlackRock and how the company works, follow us in the article below!

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Who is BlackRock?

Today BlackRock is already enshrined in the highest position among all asset management companies. The American company specializes in offering investments, financial investments, investment strategies and even consulting services, and has been very successful in this type of investment.

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BlackRock is respected in several countries as an investment authority, having offices spread both in the United States, Europe and also invests heavily in Brazilian lands.

What is the history of Blackrock?

BlackRock was born on American soil in 1988 in New York, in the land of opportunities! Since its inception, the company has undergone numerous transformations, in fact mergers with other companies and institutions such as PNC Financial Services and Merrill Lynch, and it also acquired investment funds that began to embody its content as an asset manager.

One of the greatest successes in the entire history of BlackRock was its position in the face of the 2008 crisis, buying the investment funds of the English bank Barclays. Since then, the company has only grown and expanded its empire and influence around the world.

How important is BlackRock in financial operations?

BlackRock as a whole is focused on financial transactions, both making and sourcing safe investments and providing trade advice.

BlackRock’s clients have a safe harbor in the company to invest their assets and also receive a special consultancy from the company, improving their clients’ trading and providing less risk in their investments.

As we can see, one of the great secrets of BlackRock’s success and importance lies in the variety of services and investments made available by the company.

What is BlackRock’s role in Brazil?

The financial market giant, BlackRock, has been investing in Brazil since 2008 and since then it has also become a reference in the national investment market.

What is BlackRock's role in Brazil?

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Since financial investment is the company’s strength, it is not surprising that in Brazil this service is also one of the most sought after by the national public. One of the company’s great differentials from its Brazilian competition is the offer of simpler and lower risk investments, ideal for those who are starting in the market.

What is the capital of BlackRock?

Since its founding until today, BlackRock has only grown and consolidated itself in the market, and the company’s empire has already reached an unbelievable level. The capital accumulated by the company today amounts to an incredible US$ 7 trillion.

Per year, the company’s approximate profit is 12 billion dollars, another simply astronomical amount. All of this would not have been possible if the company had not been so successful in its asset and investment management.

Today BlackRock has already expanded to 38 countries around the world, with offices spread across several capitals and financial metropolises, and has 16,000 employees.

As we can see, BlackRock is more than a successful asset management company, it is also an example of management and intelligence in times of crisis.

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