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Three refreshing drinks for the Christmas party and New Year’s party

Christmas is fast approaching and with it all the festivities of the season. For those of you who are looking for refreshing drink recipes for the mingle, Schweppers has produced three winning drinks.

Drinks expert Örjan Westerlund, former winner of the title of Sweden’s Best Gin & Tonic and author of a total of 52 books on gin, whiskey, beer and schnapps, has produced three drinks with Schweppes Selection Mixers.

Stays refreshing for a long time

There is something here for most people, whether you prefer gin, rum, or are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. What the recipes have in common is that they contain Schweppes Selection Mixers, which have a high carbonation content – something that makes the drink stay refreshing for longer.

So what are the drinks that Örjan Westerlund has produced? Simply Red is an exotic, fruity drink without alcohol, the Pink Floyd drink contains sweet strawberry gin balanced by fresh grapefruit juice, and Let’s be Earnest combines mango and rum in a drink reminiscent of the West Indies. All are guaranteed hits at the party!

Below you will find the recipes for the various drinks:

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