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The zodiac sign with the worst luck in love in 2023: what challenges will it face

2023 has begun and we all have different things to look forward to over the course of the year. According to astrology predictions, there are signs that can expect a prosperous year in love, but others will have to work harder to overcome the difficulties that arise.

This is the case of a particular zodiac sign, who should expect many challenges in their relationships.. The good news is that, despite the gloomy outlook, you will be able to get ahead, and after a process of sentimental transformation you will be wiser.

Which sign will have more challenges in love in 2023?

Leo is the sign that will have a year of emotional growth after facing complex dynamics in their relationships, predict the astrologers known as The AstroTwins. In an article for Mind Body Green, they explain that those born from July 21 to August 21 they could be victims of old patterns associated with power, trust and control.

This means that they will face problems in these areas and must find a way to overcome them in order to prosper.

The astrologers detailed that the transit of Saturn in Pisces will “land” in the Eighth House of Leo on March 7, a box associated with sexuality and permanent unions, so you may want a real commitment. However, that dream will be cut short when Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 27.

Said transit predicts a radical turn in relations because important conversations will arise with the couple. In the summer expect a new relationship knocking on the door as you will discover that they have several secret admirers. It will depend on each person to continue in the current relationship or give the opportunity to someone new.

On the other hand, astrologers warn that from July 22 to September 2 Venus will be retrograde in Leoso those of this sign could discover a huge amount of unresolved problems from past relationships.

Although the planetary energy of 2023 is a challenge for Leo, he will have the opportunity to solve every romantic challenge that comes his way, in addition, other areas of his life will be able to prosper much more, the experts concluded.

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