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The first Mercury retrograde of 2023 ends this week: what will happen to your zodiac sign

Next Wednesday, January 18, right in the middle of the week, things will take a positive turn. once the first Mercury retrograde of 2023 endsone of the best news that the signs of the zodiac can receive.

This phenomenon, one of the most feared by followers of astrology, is usually to blame for communication errors, unexpected failures, misunderstandings, delays, etc. This is because Mercury rules everything associated with messages and technology.

Mercury began its retrograde period on December 29. so we start the year in the midst of this cosmic chaos. What will happen now that it becomes direct?

The best thing is that we will see things pick up and move faster towards our goals for the year. Read on to find out what your zodiac sign should expect with the end of Mercury retrograde.

The end of Mercury retrograde puts together business or professional associations that were on a shaky foundation. It will put those who wanted to abuse in some way, predicted the Elite Daily horoscope.

Your sign will be able to see financial issues and those associated with your personal relationships more clearly; you will have more confidence to act, says your horoscope. On the other hand, the paperwork for passports, visas or trips will go without much problem.

A series of important changes are coming your way after making the decision to partner professionally or romantically with someone. The news here is that the transformation you will face will be positive.

If you had agreed to something in writing and things had not happened, now they will. It is a good time to resume issues that have stagnated.

Direct Mercury will bring an unexpected turn in health habits. If he had struggled to correct some things, from now on it will not be difficult for him; he will have more discipline, notes the horoscope.

It is possible that your sign has been too rigid in romantic matters, however, with direct retrograde Mercury you will experience a change that will allow you to be open to new opportunities.

Home issues will become important with direct Mercury. Matters of a real estate nature, payments, inheritance, renewal of contracts, etc., will be unlocked.

The end of Mercury retrograde brings clarity in anything associated with mobility, from investing in a new car to how you share your surroundings with those closest to you.

Now you will have more discipline to meet your financial goals. The commitment to yourself will be more serious.

The perception of your relationships, personal and professional, finances and value system will be clearer with direct Mercury. Now is the time to seize every opportunity.

Resentments and the resurfacing of emotional wounds were the theme during Mercury retrograde, the good news is that when it is over, you will have more wisdom, perseverance and inner strength to overcome any inhibitions.

Direct Mercury will give your sign the opportunity to recover past relationships or professional opportunities that had aroused your interest; you can put some of your goals into action.

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