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The 10 worst films in cinema according to experts that perhaps should be avoided

Not everything Hollywood touches turns gold. To release a movie that is really good, it is preceded by 10 others that are not up to par.

The high content of productions by the industry means that horrible feature films are sometimes made that make you rethink if Hollywood may already be on the wane. Let’s review some of them.

Movies that don’t even serve to entertain

We’ll skip for obvious reasons low-budget movies that are purposely created to be bad and released directly to DVD.

1- Disaster Movie

The Safran Company

As the title indicates, this movie was a disaster. Scary Movie set the standard for parodying mythical horror movies in a shabby but funny way.

Since then, taking advantage of the boom, other franchises have tried to imitate other film genres. We could put on this list Epic Movie Y Date Moviethe result would be the same.

This one in particular, try to emulate the catastrophic genre, but in the end they mix a little of everything, they are not even loyal to that. Horrible from start to finish, looking for a forced laugh that fails.

2- Troll 2

screenshot 2018 08 02 at 13.29.30

It could be the worst movie ever, it’s not even a sequel to trollssince here the creatures are Gremlins.

We find a nonsensical story, lousy performances, and crappy effects that the only thing they manage to get from the viewer It’s sad to think of the actors making this movie.

However, it is the the only one on this list that we are going to recommend for a reason, it is so extremely bad, that it is funny, and that is terrifying. Put it on with your friends in the original version and surely you will laugh more than one.

3- Jack and his Twin

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Happy Madison

Adam Sandler has a list of useless movies that serve nothing more than to line his pocket. not a bad actorIn fact, he has works where he has shown that he is worth it, but either he is very lazy or he only has money.

If there is something worse than seeing Adam Sandler playing Adam Sandler in a silly comedy movie, it is seeing another Adam Sandler, but in a female version also playing him.

4- Dragon Ball Evolution

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Big Screen Productions

The hype created with this movie was beastly, we were all waiting see the flesh and blood version of Goku, but already with the trailer we realized that it was going to be a mess. She got it perfectly.

This story made a lot of us hate Goku and Piccolo, and why not, the entire Dragon Ball universe in general.

A lousy movie from beginning to end, boring and without any sense in which the only thing that is saved is the appearance of the credits.

5- Batman and Robin

screenshot 2018 08 02 at 13.27.06
Warner Bros

Batman movies have always turned out to be a box office goldmine, even critically. The trilogy of The dark knight It has turned out to be one of the best in cinema, but this work is something totally different.

Joel Schumacher’s story looked great with a cast worthy of the highest grossing films of the time, but it was horrible.

A meaningless story with a lousy setting and full of villains who did not add anything to the plot. The delivery involved a point and end to the history of Batman until Christopher Nolan rescued him from the underworld.

6- The Son of the Mask

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Dark Horse Entertainment

The first story, starring Jim CarreyIt was a great film that fell in love with critics and audiences. It is true that the impossibility of seeing the actor play the character again left a very large void.

The eagerness of the viewers to continue seeing the green character led to the creation of this story. Once viewed, we realize that Jim was right to leave the project, the work seems like a punishment more than a gift for eagerly asking for a sequel to the original.

7- Catwoman

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Warner Bros

It was needed sexualize so much a hero? And without being happy they put a villain whose super power is to have tougher skin than usual thanks to makeup. Nobody wanted a Catwoman like that.

The eagerness to relate women to cosmetics and sex is very clear in this work. It almost completely buries Halle Berry’s career.

8- Daredevil


Luckily they have released the series where they allow us to see the true potential of this character. The 2003 feature film is one of the worst superhero movies that exist, second only to stories like the one mentioned above.

The premise isn’t entirely bad, but the final realization and the acting of the characters leaves a lot to be desired. Daredevil almost loaded a genre film himself.

9- Home Alone 3, 4 and 5

screenshot 2018 08 02 at 13.21.16
20th Century Fox

It was not necessary to make more deliveries. Without Macaulay Culkin And with the premise that the other two are better, these movies try to sell you the same thing but with more crazy situations.

The result is repetitive stories, meaningless, boring and without a hint of grace that makes us review the first two again to forget these. A waste of time.

10- Battlefield: Earth

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Franchise Pictures

A science fiction and human extermination movie that only made us laugh at how it looked John Travolta. Released in the year 2000, it won the award for worst movie of decadeThat says everything.

Which of these movies do you think is worse? Would you add any more?

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Cover Image Source: Happy Madison – Warner Bros

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