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Meaning of red candles: when to use them and in what rituals

Red candles are very common in love rituals, but it is not the only spells where they can be used. They symbolize passion, power and energyso it is possible to use them for different purposes.

Red has various cultural connotations, for example, in Catholicism the candle of this tone is associated with the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit, they are also used to represent the blood of Christ and the sacrifice he made for humanity.

Feng Shui associates them with the fire element and they light up when we want to activate energy, that is, increase passion and thirst to advance towards our goals. That is why they are also associated with prosperity and success.

What does a red candle mean spiritually?

All candles are used to express intentions, desires, desires, and goals. Spiritually red candles connect with strength, courage and passion; It is a color that has a lot of power, many go to them to increase their strength and inner security when they want to face a danger or a difficult decision.

In love they mean passion and desire, helping us to light the fire of romance in a relationship or attract a special person. In addition, they promote self-love.

Also, these candles have the power of protection, so they can also be lit when we want nothing to happen to a loved one.

Rituals for love with red candles

Without a doubt, love rituals are the most popular in terms of red candles. Here we review two that will help you, first, to know if a person is interested in you, and second, to attract love into your life.

Ritual to know if a person feels something for you

Write that person’s name on a piece of paper and then draw a heart around it. She lights the red candle with a match, now put it on top of the paper. Focus your attention and thoughts on that person; After 10 minutes, count how many drops of wax fell into the heart.

If there are none, it means that person already has another romantic interest, but if you see that several drops are located inside, it indicates that their heart is free and open to the possibility of a relationship.

Ritual with red candles to attract love

This ritual consists of placing two red candles on a white plate and spreading them with honey. Light them with a match and leave them overnight. Do not leave them in a place where an accident could occur, preferably put them on the ground or flat surface.

If during the night you dream of someone special in a romantic situation, it may be your next partner.

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