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Ritual with water, vinegar and salt to eliminate envy and negative energy from home

One of the most effective ways to clean bad energy and envy from home, rooms, businesses and offices is using water, vinegar and salt. It is a very simple ritual with these common household products, but with a lot of energy power.

It is advisable to carry out this procedure when we observe that at home there are many fights between family members, if we constantly get sick, when things constantly break down, we go into a bad streak, there is tension in the environment or we present blockages in the love and money. All these symptoms can be due to envy or bad energy.

The water symbolizes purification, the vinegar eliminates any negative aspect and the salt absorbs the bad vibes around us. These three elements together they are powerful in removing negativity and attracting the positive.

How to do the purification ritual with water, vinegar and salt?

Take a crystal glass that does not have engravings and is completely transparent. Add a bed of sea or coarse salt, then pour white vinegar up to half the glass and at the end serve the water until it is full.

Place the glass in a place in your house, room or work space where nobody can see it and you’re the only one who knows it’s there. What this mixture will do is absorb all the bad energy that is in the environment.

After 24 hours, observe how the glass turned out. If you see that it has bubbles, it turns gray or black, it means that the ritual was effective and removed all the bad vibes from said space. In these cases, flush the water with the salt and vinegar down the toilet and wash the glass with soap and water.

If you notice that the glass remains the same as at the beginning, you can place it in another room and wait another 24 hours. Do this process until you can see the bubbles or it darkens.

You can do the ritual for each of your rooms in the home, but you should not do it in the same room until 6 months have passed, as recommended by the YouTube channel The Best.

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