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Dani Alves would have already played his first ‘cascarita’ in jail and shares a cell with a former bodyguard of Ronaldinho

Dani Alves during a training session for the Brazilian team.

Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images

After the transfer of Dani Alves to the Brians 2 prison, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, for the alleged sexual assault case he is facing, the media The vanguard He outlined that the Brazilian’s adaptation to prison is being “exemplary” and he would have already played his first game in the detention center.

Alves’ first soccer match in prison took place on Thursday, January 26, in a ‘cascarita’ that caused expectation and emotion among the inmates. The information disclosed by the Spanish media claims to be supported by testimonies from “multiple sources, official and unofficial, from inside and outside the prison.”

The publication even specified that Alves shares a cell with an old acquaintance. This is a Brazilian nicknamed ‘Coutinho who has worked as a goalkeeper in various establishments in Barcelona and was also a bodyguard for the legendary former player Ronaldinho.

Sensations of Dani Alves

The aforementioned medium transmitted the sensations of the South American in prison based on the testimony of some professionals who work in the center. “The player was left out and the Dani who is here is one more,” the footballer would have said.

“I will accept whatever comes. I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. Nothing scares me,” said the former figure of Pumas de la UNAM to an employee of Brians 2.

Alves’ last commitment as a professional occurred at the beginning of this year with Pumas de la UNAM in the Clausura 2023 Tournament of the Liga MX. He then went to Spain for his mother-in-law’s funeral and was placed under arrest without bail after making a statement to the authorities after being denounced by a 23-year-old girl whom he allegedly beat and raped at the Sutton nightclub.

The Brazilian’s defense is working on a strategy for filing appeals that seek to request and obtain provisional release while the investigation progresses.

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