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Netflix ad-supported plan doesn’t work on Apple TV • ENTER.CO

Since last November 1, Netflix’s economic plan with ads has been arriving in several countries. Mainly, the subscription debuted in Mexico, now the United States and several European countries such as Spain have this new possibility. However, users have shown a big problem: the economic plan does not work on Apple TV.

As reported by our colleagues from PhoneAndroid, uA support document confirms that Apple TVs are devices that do not support ‘Netflix Basic’. The news comes as a surprise, since most media and devices have support for Netflix and its new plans. However, the support document reassures users that Apple TV just won’t be available for a while.

In an official statement, Apple announced that “Basic plan support with ads on tvOS is not available at launch, but will be soon.” Although, we must be clear that this is not the first time that Netflix has been relegated to tvOS. In terms of functionality, its rivals are ahead, as Netflix does not allow any interactive video content, while the competition does.

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The truth is that if a quick solution is not provided to obtain support on Apple TVs, the company with the bitten apple will have a real problem. It should be remembered that the American manufacturer has plans to launch its new Apple TV 4K; in fact, in some regions, the device will launch today.

This, like Netflix’s economic plan, is aimed at consumers with lower incomes. Taking into account that Netflix is ​​the platform used and that the cheapest plan does not work on Apple TVs, users could refrain from purchasing the new Apple TV 4K.

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