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With a pencil! Lionsgate wants to make a John Wick game • ENTER.CO

Any fan of action movies will agree that John Wick is one of the best franchises of its kind on the big screen. An example of its success is not only that Keanu Reeves is back for a fourth movie, but also that the Baba Yaga has even reached video games like Fortnite. But now it looks like the killer will have his own video game of his own.

According to a report Posted by IndieWire, Lionsgate (the studio behind the John Wick franchise) is reportedly toying with the idea of ​​releasing an AAA John Wick game. The original information came through an investor call in which Jon Feltheimer (CEO of the studio) let it slip that executives have pursued different proposals to make ‘big’ games inspired by the movies.

Unfortunately, it’s not a game we’re going to get updates on any time soon. Feltheimer clarified that these are projects in their early stages and that it is possible that these proposals end up not landing on something concrete.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but we think a great AAA game can be made with ‘John Wick.’ We have been submitting proposals. We’re certainly interested in moving that forward, but I don’t want to say any more about that at this point.”

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The idea of ​​a John Wick game is certainly appealing. Of course, the obvious would be that it was an action game, although not in the Hitman style. Whereas one of the most iconic parts of the movie is seeing Wick take down different enemies one after another in hordes in the most effective way possible (the John Wick franchise is at least 60% headshots). A game in the style of Hot Line Miami or Super Hot sound perfect for translating the action scenes of the title to consoles or PC.

Of course, there is already a John Wick game: “John Wick Hex”. The difference, of course, is that this was an indie game that decided to go the route of telling the killer’s story through a turn-based strategy game. The game is available for PC via Steam and is priced at 31,000 Colombian pesos, with mostly positive ratings.

The John Wick franchise has enormous potential. In other news, a bit unrelated to video games, Feltheimer confirmed that Ballerina, the spin off of the franchise starring Ana de Armas, will start production next week. It was also confirmed that the series ‘The Continental’ (focused on the famous hotel belonging to the High Order) will arrive in our country through Amazon Prime.

Images: Lionsgate

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