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Musikhjälpen 2022 – Oscar Zia, Tina Mehrafzoon and Klas Eriksson are this year’s presenters

On December 12, Musikhjälpen locks Oscar Zia, Tina Mehrafzoon and Klas Eriksson in a glass cage on Kungstorget in Gothenburg. In a 144-hour long live broadcast, they will engage all of Sweden in the theme “For a safer childhood fleeing war”.

Musikhjälpen’s presenters: Klas Eriksson, Tina Mehrafzoon and Oscar Zia. Photo: Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio

– I love Musikhjälpen and look forward to the week very much, it is both very pleasant and very important. A week where together we learn more about what the world looks like, how well we are doing and how we can help others with such small means as wishing for a song, says Oscar Zia who was also one of the presenters last year.

The comedian and actor Klas Eriksson usually gets involved with Musikhjälpen and he has also visited the cage.

– The music aid has become a bit of a Christmas tradition and every year I have tried to get involved in different ways. What I’m most looking forward to is getting as many people involved as possible. This year’s theme is more important than ever. There are many families and children who are fleeing war right now. Children should just be children and not have to be on the run, says Klas Eriksson.

Last year, music journalist Tina Mehrafzoon was Musikhjälpen’s traveling reporter and reported from Lebanon.

– For me, Musikhjälpen is a week where we show the very best versions of ourselves – it feels very warm and supportive. I have met children on the run and seen how the insecurity made them stop playing, laughing and dreaming. How can we have a bright future if children can’t dream?, says Tina Mehrafzoon.

Tina Mehrafzoon

Tina Mehrafzoon is a music journalist and experienced presenter in P3. Last year she was Musikhjälpen’s traveling reporter and reported on child labour. She has also appeared in several TV programs, including Muren and På spåret in SVT, as well as being the host of the music gala P3 Guld. Klas Eriksson
Klas Eriksson is a comedian and actor who started his career with comedy clips in social media. Many people now recognize him as Leif in SVT’s hit series “Leif & Billy”. For several years, Klas has been nominated and also awarded at the television gala Kristallen. Earlier this year, he participated in the TV program The Island Sweden.

Oscar Zia

Oscar Zia is an artist and presenter. He has been heard and seen in several programs in SVT and P3, including Melodifestivalen and Morgonpasset in P3. He has participated in Musikhjälpen as an artist many times, in 2015 and 2016 he had the role of audience ambassador and in 2021 he was one of the presenters. He has also acted in television series, including in the series “Allt som blir kvar”.

About Musikhjälpen

Musikhjälpen is an event that spreads knowledge about and collects money for an overlooked human disaster. Three presenters broadcast radio and television around the clock for 144 hours. In the meantime, they are visited by artists and other guests who get involved. The collection is based, among other things, on the audience’s song requests, which also make up all the music played in the program. Musikhjälpen is a collaboration between P3 Sveriges Radio, SVT and Radiohjälpen. Musikhjälpen is broadcast live in its entirety on P3 and SVT Play. Large parts are also broadcast on SVT2 and SVT24.

It is already possible to start a collection box:

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