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The UK invests in solar energy in space

Solar energy as a concept has been around for a long time and is used all over the world. Solar panels decorate roofs and are actually everywhere.

A concept that has proven to be very sustainable and that can also supply large areas with clean and environmentally friendly energy. Which is one of the goals we must achieve to cope with the climate crisis. After all, it is important not to underestimate how much is affected by taking care of the planet. Now the UK Space Agency and British authorities have invested money in research into beaming space-based solar energy to Earth. A concept that has previously failed as it involves high costs to launch large constructions into orbit. But with private players entering the market, the price has been pushed down. This means that one of the biggest obstacles has been removed.

The US and China have previously invested in space solar energy research

In the past, both China and the US have invested in research into SBSP systems (space based solar power) and now the UK is doing the same. It is the UK Space Agency which, together with the authority BEIS, Department for business, energy and industrial strategy, holds the money. It is reported that the proposed concept is based on satellites that capture solar energy and then convert it into high-frequency radio waves to bring the energy down to a receiver on the ground that is connected to the power grid.

The concept has critics who claim or question whether it will ever be possible to send large amounts of energy over such large distances using radio waves. This is now being investigated in a study which aims to investigate what such a system could look like and what is required to build it and whether it will be economical to do so. In addition to this, there will also be an investigation into possible risks of sending the energy to Earth.

As a concept, however, it is very exciting and if it were to become a reality, it could revolutionize our energy supply. Then the sun’s rays would have significantly more energy in space than after they passed the ozone layer and reached the earth’s surface.

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