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This way you get longer and more powerful orgasms

With a simple little trick, your orgasms can take you to unimaginable levels – both with and without a partner, we’ll tell you how!

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The big secret comes from tantric sex and is called “edging.” Tantric sex has traditionally been regarded as something advanced and complicated, but in fact it is about being able to connect sexuality and spirituality. “Edging” is also called “orgasm control” and is about being able to “balance on the edge.” This should then lead to both longer and more intense orgasms.

Take turns with your partner

If you have sex with a partner, this can be a way to take the turns in the bedroom. Stimulating your partner until they reach climax and then pulling out at that point can add some spice to your sex life. Delaying the orgasm can also prolong the arousal and thus bring couples closer to each other both emotionally and spiritually.

This is how you practice your orgasm control

It is also a popular method of masturbation. You thus get to the point of orgasm itself when you automatically stop. Every time you approach orgasm, you end the stimulation just before and thus increase the blood flow to the genitals. When you finally let go, either on yourself or with a partner, this results in a more intense orgasm.

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