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Modern or mini machine: which one is better?

Modern or mini machine, which one to choose for your establishment? The card machines boost sales in addition to offering greater convenience to the customer when paying for purchases.

If you need a card machine for your business and are in doubt between the modern machine or the mini-machinette, continue reading this post and decide which one best suits you.

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Moderninha or Minizinha: which is better for your business?

Both the modern machine and the mini machine have some differences that can make a difference when choosing which one is best for your business.

The idea in both models is for the entrepreneur to be able to have a card machine in his business that is uncomplicated, allowing him not to have to worry about charging fees. It is worth remembering that both have up to five years warranty.

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The price of the mini Chip 2 is R$ 106.80 and the modern machine is R$ 178.90 and it is worth remembering that both can be divided into up to 12 installments.

The values ​​referring to terms and rates are identical for both models, which means that credit transactions are 3.19%, debit 1.99% and installments 2.99%.

The credit modality provides the amount within 30 days and will depend on the brand of the card that was used, while the debit modality for those who are already registered on the Pagseguro platform can take up to 1 hour to receive it. The other payment methods are available within a week.

How does machine registration work?

The modern machine and the mini machine can be registered in the same way. There is no credit analysis and both companies and individuals can buy even if they do not have a bank account.

At the time of purchase, request your PagSeguro card, the whole process takes place online and without delay, including delivery, which for the Southeast region takes 1 to 3 days, for the Midwest and South regions, 3 to 5 days and for the northeast the period is 5 to 7 days, it is worth remembering that the freight is not charged.

What are the types of Mordeninha and Minizinha machines?

Even though they are similar in some aspects, both the modern machine and the mini machine have differences, mainly in the models. The minizinha has two models: The NFC and the Chip 3.

The first is more suitable for those who are starting out, taking into account the cost-benefit ratio, since it manages to carry out the operations necessary for the entrepreneur without spending too much.

What are the types of Mordeninha and Minizinha machines?

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Chip 3, on the other hand, has greater autonomy and in technical specifications it presents better characteristics than the one presented previously. It is worth remembering that Minizinha is indicated for those who have a low volume of purchases, so in this case, it is interesting to check the volume of your establishment.

The moderninha presents is more suitable for businesses with higher sales volume, which is why it is interesting to choose one of its models (Pro and Smart). These machines are ideal for counter sales
o, in the establishment in addition to being handled in delivery sales.

Basically, the difference between the three moderninha models are: The pro is indicated for those who want the basics of a card machine, while the Smart has a better quality, in terms of display and especially, the long-lasting battery.

Where can I order the Machines?

To order a modern or mini machine, access the home page of PagBank Pagseguro and choose the my business option at the top of the screen. Next, choose the machine option and the model you want to buy.

At that moment, you will be directed to the home page of the chosen model and to start the purchase, just press the order now button.

At that moment, just register to continue your purchase and finalize the order after payment.

Before choosing the machine that will serve your establishment, take into account your sales volume, this can be an important factor in choosing the machine that will boost your sales.

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