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we analyzed the Banese Card card machine

The TKS card machine is a great deal if you are in the retail, restaurant or snack bar business. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to sustain a business without a machine that reads credit or debit cards, since a portion of the public, which only tends to increase, has already abandoned the use of cash.

The problem is that, due to this trend in the market, the offer of credit card machines has increased and now it can be difficult to choose. But, if you are looking for a good version of the machine, know that we have analyzed the TKS and will tell you its main characteristics and strengths.

What this article covers:

What are the pros and cons of the Banese Card card machine?

The TKS card machine, like most machines on the market, accepts all traditional flags: EloVisa, Mastercard, Hiper, etc.

In addition, it has a smaller version of its basic machine, which fits in the palm of the hand and is ideal for professionals who need to walk and move around with the machine.

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Another nice differential of the TKS card machine is that it accepts vouchers and meal cards. This type of payment is not accepted by all vending machines in the market, so professionals who sell food often lose sales. But rest assured, all meal cards are accepted by TKS.

The TKS card machine also comes with a complete application, which issues a real-time report on past purchases. And finally, one of TKS’ strengths is its 24-hour support, in case you have any complications with a transaction or with the machine itself.

But even TKS has its weaknesses, and one of them is if you want to buy your little machine, you’ll have trouble finding good information on the responsible website. There is no information about fees, which ones are charged for each purchase, if there is an installation fee, how much extra components the customer can ask for, if there is any value in the software, etc.

In addition, the machine is only available after an agent has visited.

How to apply for the Banese Card card machine?

The request for a TKS machine is made on the Banese Card website. There, the customer fills out a basic form by presenting data such as name, CPF, RG, and address. After providing all the data, the customer must wait for an accredited Banese Card agent, who will provide the rest of the information about the TKS machine, and then make the purchase if it is still of interest.

Where is the Banese Card card machine ideal for?

The differential of the TKS machine is its smaller version, an ideal request for those who work on the street, especially those who need to move around. But it is also an ideal machine for anyone working in the food trade, such as snack bars, restaurants, bakeries, street vendors selling food, etc.

What are the features of the Banese Card card machine?

The company provides an application for sales queries, accepts all cards and has other advantages than a common machine on the market.

What are the features of the Banese Card card machine

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With this information from the TKS card machine, it is up to you to analyze whether this option is good for your business. Its compact size, which facilitates transport and the fact that it accepts meal vouchers are great points, however, the lack of more information can leave the customer with one foot behind, so think carefully before requesting yours.

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