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Konta credit card: what is it?

Today, financial services are modified according to advances in technology, and it is precisely this proposal that the Konta credit card presents. The idea of ​​being able to carry out financial transactions both at the bank and in the comfort of your home is the card’s main idea.

However, as it is a very recent card, some users are apprehensive about the functionality of this feature. Therefore, we will show you how the Konta credit card works and the advantages it offers the customer.

What this article covers:

What is the Konta credit card?

Initially, let’s comment on the service proposal. As already mentioned, the idea of ​​the Konta credit card is to offer resources such as investments, balance inquiries and most of the services of a physical bank in a virtual environment.

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In addition to these aforementioned possibilities, there is a chance to simulate loans in the “withdrawal” option to check if that option is good for the user. Finally, a point worth noting is that the Konta credit card does not require an annual fee, a rarity among services of this type today.

How does the Konta credit card work?

The Konta credit card works like a regular card in physical form, with a simple and practical design, as well as information on the back. However, the great success of the institution is in the application.

The idea of ​​enabling the use of the virtual card was the great differential in relation to other cards, since this gives real control of what the card can perform, so much so that in the application it is even possible to block the service.

After purchasing the Konta credit card at the Koerich store, just download the app via the App Store or Play Store and fill in the information that will be requested by the program. If you already have a registration at a Koerich store, just fill in your CPF.

Which Konta card flag?

This card has the Koerich flag. The partnership between KLAB and Kledilig resulted in the development of the Konta card, with most of the benefits that Koerich already had, such as the non-payment of annuities and other advantages already mentioned.

How to order a Konta credit card?

This part is quite simple. To obtain your Konta credit card and take advantage of all the aforementioned advantages, just go to a Koerich store and bring some ID with a photo, proof of income and proof of residence.

How to order a Konta credit card

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With that said, we’re done here. We hope you know how the Konta credit card works and are aware of the advantages it can provide you. To help spread the word, share it with others and come back often to check other types of information with the quality standard.

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