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Learn how to access My INSS services

To make life easier for people who wish to apply for retirement, sickness benefit, death pension and even those who had their request denied, they should access the government website once Meu INSS has been integrated into it to speed up the process. virtual queue that keeps growing.

It is necessary to download the application through the cell phone, which is completely free for both android how much iOS or if you prefer to access the website of government through the computer. In this virtual queue there are about 1.8 million people waiting for an answer.

What this article covers:

See how to create an account and access My INSS services

Long before it is possible to access any type of Meu INSS service, the interested person must access the website and/or application and inform data such as:

  • CPF;
  • Full name;
  • Birthplace;
  • Mother’s full name;
  • Workbook.

It is very important to have your work card with you because questions regarding your working life will be asked, for example, dates of each amount received from any benefit or any other type of contribution made, so don’t forget!

Source/Reproduction: My INSS

There are more than 90 services for policyholders and there is even a platform that simulates retirement, the remaining time and other queries by extract, it is still possible to request an expert’s appointment for cases of sickness benefit, etc.

At Gov.br, services such as Income Tax, PIS/Pasep, CPF consultation, having the Work Card and even issuing the Criminal Background Certificate and, finally, registration with the INSS.

Discover the banks that provide access to the INSS through Internet Banking

Some banks provide a first access password through internet banking, which would be for the first online access. So, here are the banks that offer this service:

  • Bank of Brazil > Services and choose the Social Security option to be able to select and request the password;
  • Bradesco > Other services and choose the Documents option, then click on INSS and register the NAI;
  • Itau > Social Security and INSS, register your access password through the Meu INSS Portal;
  • Savings Bank > Citizen Service and later INSS to be able to generate an access password;
  • Santander > Other Products, click on Other Services and NAI;
  • sycoob > Other Options, go to Social Security and click directly on Password My INSS;
  • Banrisul > Services, click generate INSS code.

By following this step by step according to the bank you have an account with, you will be able to access My INSS and request what you want.

How to access the Gov.br website?

To be able to access the Gov.br website in order to have more information about My INSS, you must first create a login and password. Check out how to do it:

  • First of all, go to Gov.br??
  • Go to Create your Gov.br account;
  • Choose any option among the 6 that will appear;
  • Fill the form;
  • Go to the most used services in Meu INSS.

The form provided by Gov.br upon registration is quick, but you must be careful when answering it so that all answers are correct.

Also through this platform, it is possible to apply for retirement either by contribution time or age, urban or rural. Check more on the website Gov.br??

Medical expertise

The medical expertise can also be requested via the internet, since it is mandatory to go through a fine-toothed comb and under no circumstances can the 30 days pass, otherwise the period for this benefit will be suspended and if 60 days of the call are exceeded the payments will be closed.

The main purpose of the expertise being carried out is to prevent fraud and prove the existence of any disease that makes it impossible for the worker to perform his duties at work.

To schedule the medical examination, simply access My INSS, which gives you the option of entering or requesting an extension of the benefit to be received by the worker on leave due to an illness acquired at work.

If this is the first time you are applying for sickness benefit, choose the Initial Expertise option, otherwise just access the Extension Expertise if you already receive the benefit, and click update. Check all the data and go ahead, so that it is possible to finalize the request, inform other data that will be necessary.

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