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Extra benefit of BRL 550 will be released by the INSS

As of October 1, 2021, an allowance will be passed on to beneficiaries of the BPC program given by the inclusion aid, which is equivalent to about 50% of the salary that the INSS gives to those beneficiaries who get a job.

These values ​​present in the BPC are transferred according to the minimum wage, which is currently at R$ 1,100, therefore, the additional amount will be R$ 550.00. Only those who have a severe and/or moderate disability, in addition to being enrolled in the CadÚnico and having been registered at work, can receive this extra payment.

However, the BPC participant must not have more than two minimum wages, that is, this amount would be equivalent to R$ 2,200 this year, and must be insured by the General Pension Plan or the Employees’ Own Regime.

What this article covers:

Know the rules of the INSS Assistance-Inclusion

From the moment the beneficiary begins to receive the Assistance-Inclusion, he will automatically stop receiving the full amounts, once he receives a minimum wage through work. Only the sum of R$ 550.00 must be paid to BPC beneficiaries.

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For those who received the Benefit of Continued Provision five years ago or were suspended from this program, they may request this extra allowance.

Also, so as not to disturb other beneficiaries of the same family, the value of the inclusion aid that is received by a family member will not be included in the monthly per capita income calculation of any other beneficiary.

The benefit cannot be accumulated with pensions, retirement and/or other benefits that are transferred according to the social security system, as the main example we have unemployment insurance.

It is worth mentioning that, if for any reason this beneficiary is dismissed, he will no longer receive the inclusion aid and must return to BPC with the full amount that he received before.

What is BPC?

The Benefit of Continued Provision was created through the Organic Law of Social Assistance, better known as LOAS, Law 8742 of December 7, 1993, and as its main objective it must support people who are unable to support themselves.

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