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Check unemployment insurance rates and payments

Here in this article, you can check everything about the values ​​and those of the Seguro Desemprego, an important right guaranteed to the Brazilian worker, which offers the necessary economic assistance for a determined period, being paid from 3 to 5 installments continuously or alternately in agreement with time worked. Caixa is a Brazilian financial institution that acts as a Paying Agent for Unemployment Insurance, with resources banked by the Fundo de Amparo ao Trabalhador (FAT) within the constitutional terms of Law No.

What this article covers:

Through Caixa Trabalhador, you can be informed about the Salary Bonus and Unemployment Insurance, in addition to being able to check the payment schedule, consult the installments released, in addition to quenching your doubts, without having to leave your home.

Who is entitled to Unemployment Insurance?

If you are a formal and domestic worker dismissed without just cause, especially indirectly, a formal worker whose service contract is suspended due to your participation in a course and/or a qualification program offered by your employer, a worker rescued from a condition of slavery or a professional fisherman during the closed period, you are entitled to Unemployment Insurance.

How do I get Unemployment Insurance?

In order for you to receive Unemployment Insurance, you need to apply for the benefit through the Regional Superintendences of Labor and Employment (SRTE), the National Employment System (SINE) and among other agencies certified by the Ministry of Economy (ME) by scheduling an appointment at central 158. Attention: For those who are domestic workers, the Unemployment Insurance request must be made at the units of the Regional Labor Superintendencies. Or, in a more practical way, you can access Portal Gov.BR or Carteira de Trabalho Digital, an application available for Android and iOS.

Amount and Payments of Unemployment Insurance Installments

To calculate the value of the Unemployment Insurance installments, an average of the salaries of the 3 months prior to the dismissal of the worker is considered, with the exception of one minimum wage for artisanal fishermen, domestic servants and workers rescued from a condition of slavery.

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Considered as a personal benefit, which means that it can only be paid directly to the beneficiary, however there are exceptions in case of:

  • Death, the installments being paid until the date of his death to his successors.
  • Serious nuisance, overdue installments being paid to those who are legally designated on your behalf or your legal representative.
  • Contagious disease or impossibility of locomotion, the overdue installments being paid to the attorney.
  • Absence, the overdue installments being paid to the person designated by the judge.
  • Imprisonment, with payment of overdue installments by means of a power of attorney.

Deadlines for Withdrawing Unemployment Insurance

The worker’s application for the benefit is given according to their type of service, as shown in the table below:

    • Formal worker from the 7th to the 120th day counting from the dismissal date.
  • Qualification scholarship during the process of suspension of the employment contract;
  • Domestic worker from the 7th to the 90th day on the dismissal date;
  • Artisanal fisherman during the closure process within 120 days from the start of the ban.
  • Worker rescued within the 90th day of the rescue date.

The requirement of a period of 120 days counting from the 7th day after the worker’s dismissal had been suspended, so that he has the right to exercise his application for qualification in the Unemployment Insurance Program until the state of public calamity ceases and public health emergency due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This is a suspension applied to the requirements initiated after the declaration of the state of public emergency, that is, workers who were dismissed from the 16/03/2020th. In addition, it is valid for the domestic worker who was able to fulfill the requirement to request the benefit within the 90-day period due to force majeure.

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