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Kanye West showed intimate photos of Kim Kardashian to Yeezy and Adidas employees

Former Yeezy and Adidas employees have come forward to say that Kanye “Ye” West, among other things, played porn and showed intimate photos of his ex, Kim Kardashian, to staff during his time working with the German company – something that people in leading positions at Adidas were aware of.

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Last fall, several companies ended their collaborations with Kanye “Ye” West after he made several racist and anti-Semitic statements. Balenciaga, Vogue and the clothing chain Gap were some of the companies that chose to cut ties with the artist.

Showed intimate pictures of Kim Kardashian

Adidas also decided to break with Kanye, something that, according to a statement on the company’s website, would cost them 250 million US dollars. According to CNBC the German sportswear brand announced its partnership with West in 2013. They have produced products from his clothing brand Yeezy for several years.

According to Rolling Stone now several former Adidas and Yeezy employees testify about the unprofessional and sometimes threatening behavior that West exhibited during the collaboration: according to them, the artist played porn for Yeezy employees during meetings, discussed porn and showed intimate photos of Kim Kardashian during job interviews, showed an explicit video and pictures of Kardashian and showed his own sex videos to members of Yeezy’s team.

A former senior Yeezy employee claims in an open letter that people in senior positions at Adidas were aware of West’s behavior, but that they “turned off their moral compasses.”

West has previously said he was “addicted to porn”, something he says “destroyed his family”.

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