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Next credit card: how it works and advantages

The Next credit card has numerous advantages aimed at its customers, who can enjoy special benefits and receive discounts on their purchases. It is a great option for those who prefer to work with digital banks, in order to avoid the bureaucracy of traditional institutions.

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What is the Next Credit Card?

Next’s card is aimed at bank customers who want to take advantage of benefits, promotions and special discounts. However, only those who are customers can apply for the credit, as when opening the account the possibility of having it or not is checked.

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If you are able to receive the Next credit card, you will receive it at your home in a short time, but until it is delivered, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the virtual card and make your purchases online.

How does the Next credit card work?

As explained, you have the right to use the Next virtual credit card to make your purchases. In addition to this benefit, you can pay with a QR Code at all Cielo machines that accept this modality.

If you want to make purchases on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Play, you can save your virtual card data to pay for products quickly. This is a more practical method, which helps customers not to enter passwords and card numbers several times.

Advantages of the Next card

When applying for the Next credit card, you are entitled to receive discounts at Uber, Cinemark and at other establishments. A perfect choice for those who like to go out frequently and enjoy the many benefits that only Next offers.

Another interesting aspect is the practicality of withdrawing from any Banco24Horas network and the fact that it is unlimited. That way, you don’t need to ration your withdrawals in the month, as you can do it as many times as necessary.

The Vai de Visa points program can be activated on the website itself, which will entitle you to receive discounts at partner stores, which is interesting for customers who like the advantages that the brand offers and want to make the most of them with their card.

What is the Next Credit Card Limit?

Card limit may vary depending on credit analysis. It means that if you have a restricted CPF, it is practically unlikely to receive a positive response from the bank to your request.

What is the credit card limit Next

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If your name is clear, there will be no problem getting a Next credit card, which will be sent to your address. It will have both debit and credit functions, which will make your day-to-day life easier with just one card.

What is the initial limit?

It is possible to have an initial limit of R$ 500.00 or a higher amount, which will depend on how you do in the credit analysis. Therefore, it is interesting to wait for a period of 72 hours to have the account approved and check the balance available for use.

Depending on how your relationship with the bank is, the request may be shorter and you will have a response within 24 hours or immediately. It is interesting to wait and always check the email box or the app itself.

If you are interested in the Next credit card, why not apply directly through the application? It’s a simple process that only requires your personal documents and identity confirmation as a way to keep your account secure.

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