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How to use Virtual Card in the machine?

Many commercial establishments allow the customer to use a virtual card in the machine to make payments. This is done using approximation payment technology and can be very useful, in addition to being safe.

To use a virtual card in the machine, however, it is necessary to already have a physical credit card, as the charge for the virtual version is made on the latter’s invoice.

But, before shopping around and paying with the virtual card at the vending machine, it is important to know how this actually works. There are some characteristics of this type of product that should be known before using it, and in this text, we will approach the subject to explain it better. Continue reading and find out more!

What this article covers:

What is a virtual card?

Using the virtual card at the machine is perfectly possible, but first, it’s good to know what this product is.

The virtual card is simply a virtual version of a physical credit card that is, however, single use. The operator can generate, from the customer’s order, a specific 16-digit number, expiration date and CVV code for the user to use in a single purchase. After that, you cannot reuse this information.

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The charge for this purchase made with the virtual card is made through the invoice of the physical card, since both are managed by the same company.

In general, this type of card is designed to be used for online purchases, but it is also suitable for physical stores.

A great advantage of using the virtual card at the vending machine or in purchases made on the internet is that it can only be used once, that is, after it is used to pay for the purchase, its data is no longer valid, which gives it a lot of security. to the product and prevents data theft and possible fraud.

How it works?

When making the purchase, just choose the payment method with the card (debit or credit) and provide the requested information: the card number, the CVV and the expiration date. No need to enter any password. After that, just confirm the purchase and that’s it!

How to use the virtual card in the machine?

To use the virtual card in the machine at commercial establishments, it is necessary that the customer’s cell phone is enabled to use the approach payment technology. As the card is not physical, the telephone device must work as the object that must interact with the machine to confirm the payment.

How to use the virtual card in the machine

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In addition, it is only possible to use the virtual card in the machine if the machine itself also has the resource that guarantees the receipt of payments by approximation.

How to use the virtual card in a physical store?

To use the virtual card in the POS machine in the physical store, the customer must first generate it (this is done with the bank of your physical card). Afterwards, just register it on platforms such as google pay or Apple Pay and tell the store clerk that you want to pay by approximation. After choosing whether it is credit or debit, just bring your cell phone closer to the machine and confirm the transaction.

How to create a virtual card?

Each institution has its own way of generating the virtual card, but almost all of them do it through their applications.

To generate it, the customer must access their bank’s App, search for the “virtual card” option (sometimes it can be “online card”) and make the request. The bank must issue the virtual card number and other information before it can be used.

With this simplicity, it is possible to use the virtual card in the machine or even in online stores. But, it is important to emphasize that, in order to get one, the customer must already have a physical credit card from his bank.

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