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Jennifer Garner, 50, reveals her skincare routine

Actress Jennifer Garner has a remarkably beautiful complexion considering she turned 50 earlier this year. Now she reveals her skincare routine in a big interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

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Earlier this year, Jennifer Garner reached a milestone when she turned 50 – but in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress says that age really is just a number:

“What surprised me is that I don’t feel like a 50-year-old. It’s a number that hangs in front of you forever. I hear 20-year-olds say, ‘Oh, she’s like, 50.’ And I’m like, oh my god, I’m 50 and I’m cool as hell. You don’t even know it yet, but it’s going to be great! I don’t care if my kids think I’m a dork. Things don’t bother me the same way they used to. You have a different perspective on things.”

Jennifer Garner on her skincare routine

Garner also takes the opportunity to talk about her skin care routine – something that many are probably wondering about given her beautiful complexion.

“Retinol is part of my routine,” she says. “I’m 50 now, so that’s included. Hyaluronic acid is part of my routine no matter what, and that includes gentle cleansing. I am very serious when it comes to cleansing my skin before bed. You can’t go to bed with makeup on.”

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The star also gives her best tips for skin care during the winter months:

“I’m just adding [produkter]. I never step down. It’s just moisture and more moisture. Things get a little thicker and heavier. It’s about keeping the moisture in the skin and making sure that the cells are renewed as much as possible. I have long been a fan of Neutrogenas Retinol Pro+ Serum, and this year they added an eye cream that is my new big favorite. That and their face cream. On the evenings when I use Retinol, I use all three. It makes a big difference.”

“Exercise is number one”

In addition to skin care routines, there are of course other factors that affect how the skin feels. Garner has a couple of tips: the first is to simply smile – “you always look better with than without a smile” – and the second is that you never feel better than after a workout and a shower.

“You have to be consistent with your workouts,” she says. “At my age, you suddenly start to care about what’s going to happen to your brain, your heart, your blood pressure and your blood sugar. Every time I have a doctor’s appointment, they say exercise is number one. You have to bring it into your life.”

She goes on to admit that it’s not always easy to exercise as much as you should if you have small children, for example:

“They are okay. Do what you can. But [barnen] will get bigger, and they can start making their own breakfast. That’s when you have to get exercise back into your life and never stop.”

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