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How to know your type of karma, according to your month of birth

Did you know that we are all born with a type of karma? This energy that is defined as a force of the universe that returns to ourselves according to behavior, has a particular effect according to our month of birth.

Karma is neutral and It doesn’t have to be positive or negative. however, it depends on our past actions and present their repercussions in the future. So how come we are all born with one type of karma?

As it is a concept that has its origins in Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, it is believed that, like the soul, karma is an energy that does not disappear, is inherited or reincarnated over time. And one of the ways to know what kind of karma we are most susceptible to is through the month of birth. Next, find out which one is yours.


The karma carried by those born in January goes in two opposite directions: on the one hand they can be dependent and insecure, and on the other, extremely independent to the point of not accepting any help, indicated El Heraldo de México in an article.


They are born with the fear of losing something, it is hard for them to make decisions and set limits. For this reason they can be very possessive.


They tend to be very depressed and must be careful not to be elitist, racist and intolerant of other people’s ideas.


The karma of those born in April works when they do not know how to listen, get angry quickly and refuse to change. They tend to be routine and workaholics.


The karma of those who have a birthday in May is seen when they are disorganized and fall into any kind of excess.


They blame others for their mistakes or misfortunes and they do things to look good, not because it is born to them. In addition, they tend to be incredulous, unfair and distracted.


They tend to act shy and hide in solitude when they are hurt, but they can also hurt with their manipulative and insecure acts.


The karma of those born in August comes to light when they worry about what others say, that is, they tend to be materialistic, lazy and jealous. They have a hard time managing their money.


Their emotional swings are extreme, when they are angry they say hurtful words, judge and yell.


The karma of those born in this month speaks of their indecision, they get irritated and angry easily, they are perfectionists and they go to extremes.


The karma of those born in November is present when they self-sabotage, they are never satisfied and have little self-confidence.


They tend to have feelings of inferiority and guilt for which they can easily become depressed and withdraw from society.

It should be noted that the type of karma of your month of birth It is activated when you present negative behaviors or your vibe is low frequency.

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