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How does it work and what are the benefits?

Many people know Vivo, a mobile operator, but not everyone knows that the company is offering its Vivo credit card! Having a credit card nowadays is practically necessary to have an orderly and healthy domestic financial life. With the digital world taking over everything around us, we must also have digital tools to deal with it.

Credit cards are part of this new digital way of spending money. And the more offers for this demand, the better! That is why we are going to analyze this card offer, the live credit card, in the article and see how it works, for whom it works and what are the advantages and disadvantages!

What this article covers:

Which bank does the Vivo Credit Card use?

The Vivo credit card is available and being offered by two banks: Itaú bank and the Santander bank?? Both have similar general advantages, but also have specific advantages and differences. The Itaú card, for example, has benefits specific to Itaú services, benefits from the Itaú application and a series of discounts specific to the bank’s partner stores.

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The same happens with Santander, which offers some platform-specific discounts with Esfera benefits and its own system of cumulative points and rewards.

What flag?

The Vivo Itaú card works with the Mastercard brand. With the brand, the customer has the advantage of participating in the Mastercard Surprise program and getting special discounts. The Vivo Santander credit card has the Visa flag, which has different discounts, such as discounts on air travel miles.

What is the annual fee for the Vivo Credit Card?

The annual fee is charged only on the Santander version of the Vivo credit card. The annual fee is R$ 279.00. As for the Itaú version, there are versions with or without annuity with different benefits.

Who can apply for the Vivo Credit Card?

Another difference between the banks. The Vivo credit card from Santander bank can be requested by anyone, but in the Itaú version it is necessary to be a Vivo customer.

What do I need to apply?

For Itaú customers, it is necessary to be a current customer to apply, in addition to the minimum income of approximately R$ 1,000.00, which is the same for both banks.

What is the limit of the Vivo Credit Card?

The limit of both versions of the credit card is not stated before the application. But if requested, the limit will be shown in the application of the respective banks.

What is the limit of the Vivo Credit Card

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Where can I use the Vivo Credit Card?

The Vivo card can be used anywhere, in both versions, not just to pay or subscribe to Vivo services. However, there are special discounts and even cashbacks on Vivo purchases and services paid with a Vivo credit card.

Where to apply for the Vivo Credit Card?

The Vivo credit card can be requested directly on the Vivo website and requested in the application or at the branches of the respective banks.

Can I include dependents?

The vivo credit card in its two versions allows you to order additional cards that will also participate in promotions and will have the same benefit as the main card.

The Vivo credit card in its two versions is very useful for Vivo customers. Both versions give discounts on Vivo products and services paid by card and numerous other advantages offered by brands and banks.

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